I've a huge memory problem, I think i forget everything eventually so to retain information, note-taking is essential. These methods are subject agnostic and personal experiments, just adjust it accordingly for math-heavy/technical subjects.

Try saving links to Pocket when you see shiny link on social media to avoid going down the rabbit hole otherwise add it to the unread list in specific study section of this wiki, where you can do proper study on the topic later on. Make sure you read and make notes of those dumps before they become too big!

Tools: Pen and paper, Google Keep, Google Doc, Anki, Notion, Pocket, Liner, this wiki, ~/todo.txt

  • Any nibble worth remembering, transfer to Anki.
  • Any new word worth remembering, transfer to Anki.
  • Publish a doc named, Links(n) in this wiki summarizing notes from all media every week.
  • Never repeat things in the wiki, always link.
  • Remember to keep number of "only links" in the wiki low. If you readup on something, write a summary in the suitable section and link to original article.
  • Technical notetaking should go in Study


  • Systematic: on a regular basis, read the major chapters (possibly unordered) of the entire books.
  • Ad hoc: read a specific chapter, section, or topic.
  • Timer: set a timer when reading and note-taking to ensure efficiency.


  • Listen to podcasts on the phone.
  • Take notes as points on Google Keep, paste the link to the podcast, use the podcast label.
  • Every weekend transfer notes to notion by rewriting.
  • Transfer to wiki if out of draft, delete draft.


  • Watch it on laptop.
  • Take notes on todo.txt.
  • Every weekend transfer notes to notion by rewriting.
  • Transfer to wiki if out of draft, delete draft.

MOOC/Video Course

  • Pen and Paper note until a section of MOOC videos is finished.
  • Transfer notes to a Google Doc, one section at a time. Add things worth remembering to the Anki Deck for the Course.
  • Once course is finished, rewrite Google Doc into wiki, delete Google Doc.


  • Save blogpost to pocket, tag laptop only blogposts with bigscreen
  • Read the blogpost and highlight interesting stuff.
  • If bigscreen , use Liner and do the same. (Liner turned out to be very unusable.)
  • Every weekend transfer notes to notion by rewriting.
  • Transfer to wiki if out of draft, delete draft.


  • Read the entire book at one go, if not at one go at least keep consistency. 2-3 days gap means I’ll forget the context. Highlight and keep notes in the book reading app/kindle.
  • Re-read the book in 1-2 weeks.
  • This time make chapter wise summary in a Google Doc, use Grammarly!
  • Transfer the highlights and notes to Google Doc, 1-3 pages per 100 pages is a good count.
  • Transfer to wiki if out of draft, delete draft/Google Doc.


  • Read the twitter thread once, keep interesting ideas in mind. (Optional)
  • Re-read the twitter thread the second time making point-wise notes of interesting ideas in notion/Keep/~todo.txt.
  • Convert the list of points into a paragraph for the summary of the tweet.
  • Transfer to wiki if out of draft, delete draft.


  • Print the paper, highlight it.
  • Make a Google Doc for it in the Paper Notes directory rewriting a summary in your own words.
  • Naming the Google Doc can also be the name of the topic which can, in turn, contain multiple papers.
  • No need to link it to notion.